ProTEK® is our range of military vehicle seating designed and manufactured by TEK Military Seating to offer unrivalled modularity, flexibility and functionality across most types of vehicle, combining superior protection levels and seat ergonomics. Having made great strides over the last 20 years, military vehicle seating has evolved from the purely functional to an integral part of the vehicle infrastructure. The soldier remains the most important asset on the battlefield, his or her readiness to fight when arriving in a warzone is essential.

ProTEK®, from its conception back in 2010, was envisaged to offer a better ride quality and higher levels of protection and flexibility across many vehicles. Starting at the basics meant designing a seat frame which was light, but strong, meeting the standards of M1 safety. Experience has shown that seats which feature integral harness restraints offer better protection for occupants in vehicle collisions or IED events - there are many examples of troops experiencing severe trauma because the seat deformed or detached from the vehicle in an IED situation. Many seat suppliers secure seat restraints in the same position as the seat fixings to the vehicle, should the seat become detached from the vehicle, then the restraints no longer operate, with ProTEK® restraints are fixed to the seat.

As with many development programmes, new exciting opportunities become apparent as you progress - what started as an objective to offer superior quality drivers, commanders and crew seating, soon became ‘What if?’ ‘What could we do?’ Blast protection was, and remains, the most important function of seating used in conflict areas, protecting troops from the increasing threat of IEDs around the world. This focused our minds on developing a blast attenuation unit which would not only meet the standards of Stanag 4569, but would operate in a wide range of vehicles, ranging from light wheeled to heavy armoured. After extensive testing at Millbrook, the principle UK testing house, we created a blast attenuation unit for ProTEK® seats which can be utilised on wall, suspended or floor mounted seats, which not only meet the Stanag 4569 standard but significantly improved protection levels, as measured by the DRIZ scale.

Once the basics were right we then focused on functionality. Traditionally seating in military vehicles has been designed for a particular vehicle, and in many cases a position within a vehicle, making transition to other platforms costly and far from simple. ProTEK® utilises a ‘Stack System™’ which acts as the interface between the vehicle and the seat. This has two key benefits - firstly it enables a blast attenuation unit to be fitted and operated, even in limited space, and secondly it allows the seat to be fitted to any hull configuration, optimising seat ergonomics.

ProTEK® has now been developed to offer even more functionality for both legacy and new build fleets with the introduction of removable mounts enabling seats to be replaced with command, communication, utility or stretcher modules within seconds, meaning that vehicles can be adapted for different roles as required - unrivalled modularity without loss of safety.Looking to the future, we are beginning to develop intelligent suspension and vibration mitigation systems which greatly reduce the levels of vibration experienced by troops in heavy vehicles, particularly tracked.

ProTEK® is fast becoming the seating system of choice, and is currently in use in every corner of the globe. TEK Military will remain at the forefront of innovation and new technologies.

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